Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Dil ki baat English Poetry main

Must I tell you,
that I love you every day?
Must I tell you,
our love story every now and then?
Why do I have to say it?
When you can feel it in my touch.
Why do I have to give,
a reason of my love.
When I can't find any words,
to express it all.
I will not tell you our love story.
As it will die with us,
That's how it should be.
But poetry to poetry,
I've written about it all.
It's the language of my love,
Only known by the true lovers.
You don't have to understand,
You don't have to ask.
Look into my eyes,
and touch with your heart.
You will find the answer,
with the beating of my heart,
it's only beats for your name.
With Love ❤

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